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AIBWSI is recognised by the International Baccalaureate through a license and cooperation agreement.

In September 2013, the Association of IB World Schools in Italy was constituted to achieve the following aims:

  • Support and share best practices between IB World Schools;
  • Assist and advise candidate schools on authorization matters;
  • Raise the profile of the IB in Italy;
  • Coordinate professional development opportunities;
  • Help coordinate the Regional Conference for IB Schools in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The Association, which is non-profit, provides a forum where member schools can collaborate and share best practice. The Association is a critical resource for schools which are going through the IB authorization process for one or more IB programmes.

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Aims and Objectives

The Association is a non-profit organisation. Its working language is English. The documents with external relevance and for legal purposes will be in English and Italian.

The Association of IB World Schools in Italy exists to support IB World Schools belonging to the Association in achieving their common educational goals and to provide representation on issues of common interest.

The Association is an entity independent from the IB organizationTM. In carrying out its activities, the Association shall act in a manner consistent with the IB mission, values and programme standards.

The Association has the following objectives:

  • To share best practices with IB World Schools operating and offering different IB programmes in Italy and to gain a better understanding of those programmes
  • To coordinate professional development opportunities
  • On behalf of Association's members, to approach the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) regarding recognition for all four programmes in Italy
  • To work towards raising the profile of the IB with local, regional and national authorities and to work with them for the achievement of this aim under the auspices of the IB regional office
  • To work towards having a stronger and unanimous voice in IB matters when communicating with Italian authorities and the IB foundation itself
  • To offer help and assistance, where feasible, to the schools concerned and to candidate schools
AIBWSI Constitution, Article 2: Aims and Objectives
(Verified English translation)