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The Association aims to raise awareness of the International Baccalaureate to the Italian Education Ministry, universities, Italian and international schools interested in an IB education.

To help achieve this aim, in September 2016, the Association launched ‘The IB in Italy’. This report, produced by an Italian and IB education expert, Mr. Ignazio Venzano, clarifies both the historical journey and the legal position of international schools in Italy, their status, the status of students and of IB programmes. Read an extract from this report below. AIBWSI members can login in to download the full report.

Part one: Italian Law 738/1986

Since 1986 the International Baccalaureate Diploma, “as recognized by the IB’s head office in Geneva (IB), with head offices in Geneva”, has also been recognized in Italy under Italian Law 738/1986 (the so-called “1986 Law") as an educational qualification valid in Italy.

The 1986 Law establishes that:

  • Diplomas recognized by the IB head office in Geneva “following exams taken at the United World Colleges or in other Italian or foreign schools” shall be recognized in Italy”;
  • The years preceding the exam, i.e. the years of school attendance, will not be recognized. Only the Diploma itself is recognized;
  • This recognition applies only for the schools referred to in a specific register held by the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (the “MIUR Register");
  • The MIUR Register must specify the correspondence of the diplomas awarded by IB with the Italian school-leaving diploma.

Thirty years later, it may be appropriate to question the meaning of such recognition in view of the changes that have taken place meanwhile in the Italian school system.

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